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    Why Legend Acres Community Tornado Shelter?

    I survived a direct hit by a tornado, so I clearly know the importance of having good protection from bad weather. I was in a wheelchair for months then on crutches, and this pic was taken at Legend Acres about a week after I quit using a cane. The tornado was not at Legend Acres, but instead hit my old home several miles away. It’s been a rather long ordeal but, by the Grace of God, I recovered.
    Soon after this picture was taken I installed the Legend Acres Community Tornado Shelter (a Fain Storm Shelters Deluxe Hillside Model, which has no steps and therefore is handicap accessible) in the hillside to my right (off frame in picture). The Legend Acres Community Tornado Shelter is easily accessible from all lots at Legend Acres (map of lots).
    John L. Neidigh
    (rhymes with “I dig.”)
    Owner, Legend Acres

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